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Ariana Williams ’21

  • Graduating Class: 2021
  • Major: Journalism minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media
  • Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

What do you like most about TCU?

“The thing I most enjoy about TCU is the community that I have created to surround myself with. I have found an amazing group of people that are accepting and loving and strive for excellence at the university. My group of friends also face similar discriminatory challenges as I do, so it’s also amazing to be able to talk to people who understand me mentally and emotionally.”

What does diversity and inclusion at TCU mean to you?

“To have a commitment to diversity and inclusion excellence means being open to listening to everyone around you’s experience, and accepting their identity. Another crucial component to diversity and inclusion excellence is knowing yourself and your own identity, because if you’re not educated and on your own history it is hard to relate to and understand others.”