Dr. Zoranna Jones Discusses TCU’s STEM Scholar Program and the Importance of Helping Students Succeed


Zoranna Taylor Jones ’98 (Ms ’07) is a Mentor at Harris College

This article appears in the Spring 2019 issue of TCU Magazine.

What does the Academic Resource Center in the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences do?

We do everything from recruiting and meeting with prospective students to academic advising. We provide academic coaching, workshops, career prep — so résumés, connecting students with employers, and then also preparing them for graduate school or employment.

We also try to build relationships and connections between students and faculty. Faculty can be scary, so we host different events, like a crawfish boil in the spring and a chili cook-off in the fall. We invite all Harris faculty, staff and students. It’s a fun environment.

TCU has a lot of initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and seeing those programs coming to fruition makes me proud.

-Zoranna Taylor Jones ’98 (MS ’07)

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