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Matt Dadet ’21

  • Physics Major

  • Hometown: Arlington, TX

What does diversity and inclusion at TCU mean to you?

“As a student of color, I am used to interacting with people raised in different environments with different ideals than mine. Diversity helps us see the world using a relativism perspective rather than an ethnocentrism one. It helps our community to be stronger and better equipped to handle different kinds of stresses. When we allow ourselves to be submerged into a diverse environment, we foster a climate of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. A puzzle will never become a picture if all the pieces are the same.

As an immigrant, I have strived to feel welcomed and to belong in a group. Inclusion brings a sense of belonging. To belong is to be accepted and when we belong in a group, we become proud of and are ready to tell others about said group. It is also very important to be in the right group; a group that not only allows for freedom to share ideas but is also inclusive and diverse. A group that not only accepts you for who you are but also listens to you and encourages you to be different and think differently.

Diversity and inclusion at TCU are extremely important to me. I see them as means of compiling arrays of different elements to make a beautiful canvas of colors that shines more vividly than any single color would; Means of expanding our horizons and allowing ourselves to be thankful not only for what we have but for the new ways we can learn and be better.”