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Frederick Gooding, Jr.

Faculty — Assistant Professor of African American Studies

Professor Frederick Gooding, Jr.

Dr. Frederick Gooding, Jr. is the newest addition to the Honors faculty. He comes to TCU from Northern Arizona University, where he was a faculty member in Ethnic Studies. His research and teaching focus on African-American history, critical race theory and media, movies and mainstream sports. His recent publications include:

  • “The Emperor’s New Clothes: Identifying Racism in Obama’s Post-Racial Society” in Revitalizing the American Dream: Essays on Barack Obama
  • “You Mean, There’s RACE in my Movie? The Complete Guide to Understanding Race in Mainstream Hollywood”

Q&A with Professor Gooding

Q: What attracted you to TCU?
A: “TCU strikes me as an environment that espouses and emphasizes the possibilities rather than the restrictions that plague our daily affairs. This open-ended focus on what potentially can be attracts me immensely, as there is no greater moment than the power of the present.”

Q: What are you most excited about at TCU?
A: “I am quite excited about contributing to the Honors Exploration program, as I am all about study abroad. I have been to all 50 states and six of our planet’s seven continents. My philosophy is that there is only one life to live and only one planet on which to live it — so let’s learn as much as we can while we can.”

Q: What is your teaching style?
A: “My teaching style is “Edutainment!” It’s educationally based in focus and trust, but at the same time, interactive and interesting. I know I get bored easily. I want my students to remain engaged, and then, by degrees, they will become exposed and educated.”

Q” What is a “dream” class that you’d love to offer or teach?
A: “I look forward to growing an academic space and culture oriented around appreciating the genius of hip hop. Hip hop gets a bad rap, and I aim to change that. It’s a poetic, poignant and powerful expression of the human quest for dignity and respect. I think TCU is ready for the new approach.”

— Profile is an excerpt from With Honors, an annual publication of the TCU John V. Roach Honors College.