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James Sang ’20

James Sang, a Master’s student in the College of Education, believes diversity is about accepting the differences in every individual. He stated when asked what inclusivity at TCU means to him: “Everyone is exposed to different cultures, languages, perspectives, thoughts, and so many more. It is extremely important to understand that everyone feels welcome and… Read more »

Tram Nguyen ’21

Tram Nguyen

Sophomore Pre-Business major From Vietnam Tram is a very active member of the TCU community. She’s a Cultural Connector in her residence hall in the Tom Brown Pete Wright on-campus apartments, as well as a member of Frog Aides, the SGA Diversity Committee and Beyond Borders. “I wanted to be in something larger than myself…. Read more »

Matt Dadet ’21

Physics Major Hometown: Arlington, TX What does diversity and inclusion at TCU mean to you? “As a student of color, I am used to interacting with people raised in different environments with different ideals than mine. Diversity helps us see the world using a relativism perspective rather than an ethnocentrism one. It helps our community… Read more »

Brandon Kitchin ’18

Brandon Kitchin

Class of ’18 (December) Journalism major From Arlington, TX  What does diversity and inclusion at TCU mean to you? “It’s important to be cognizant of everyone’s identity—not just race, but also all forms of diversity.  It’s also important to understanding that everyone should feel like they belong. Being involved in campus organizations allowed me to… Read more »

Ariana Williams ’21

Graduating Class: 2021 Major: Journalism minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas What do you like most about TCU? “The thing I most enjoy about TCU is the community that I have created to surround myself with. I have found an amazing group of people that are accepting and loving and… Read more »